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Live Band Karaoke. The name says it all. Karaoke with a LIVE BAND
Combining the silly fun of karaoke with the energy of a live rock band. Live Band Karaoke allows everyone to fulfill their rock and roll fantasy.Singing is only half the fun! Watching others performing their unique renditions of rock's greatest songs also contributes to the hilarity. Some singers really belt out the tunes, while others make up for a lack of singing ability with rowdy stage presence. Either way, the irony and humor work on many levels as the band rocks out the songs true to the original recording. Band members will also contribute as back up vocalists and help out with forgotten lyrics. We make everyone sound like a rock star!

Live Band Karaoke is perfect for your club, corporate event, birthday, wedding or any kneeslapping good time!

Live Band Karaoke with Fingercuff provides lyric sheets for any song on the list. The lyrics are printed in large type so they are easier to read while singing. There over 325 songs and counting to choose from covering all areas of rock and roll providing something for everyone. 

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 Fingercuff is a band from Central MA, formed in the summer of 2000. This dynamic four-piece "cover" band plays a wide variety of music from the 60's to the present, but always keeping a modern rock edge to each song.

Fingercuff focuses on keeping their audiences constantly interested. Not only will you hear hard hitting modern rock covers to "re-constructed" versions of 70's disco tunes, you will also witness the high energy and raw emotion this band puts into their performance.

If you want a night of great music and pure fun, come check out Fingercuff! Don't miss LIVE BAND KARAOKE with Fingercuff coming to a night club near you!!!

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